Lowongan Guru Kelas SDIT Nurul Ilmi Bekasi

SDIT Nurul Ilmi Bekasi, we are seeking innovated and highly qualified full-time teachers to join our team

Primary Class Teacher

  • Muslim
  • Male or Female
  • Able to recite Quran well
  • Minimum bachelor degree
  • Good English written and Spoken
  • Application letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificate
  • Academic transcript
  • Photo

Please send your CV, cover letter and related documents to NIBIIS PRIMARY
Jl Nurul Ilmi No.1, PTI Khusus Jatimulya, Kota Bekasi, Jawa Barat, 17510
Contact Person 089525030077, Ms Aty
08.00 – 12.00 AM
27 March – 7 April 2023


Becoming an excellent Institution in Islamic education and becoming a reference and hope for the Ummah guided by Al-Qur’an and As-Sunnah.

  • To educate children to be responsible toward Allah SWT to himself and to his environment
  • To create children becoming an intelligent children spiritually, emotionally and intellectually
  • To make a school as a second home that conducive to children

To create Muslim generation who has noble character which capable of facing the challenges of new era and able to dominate the world, so that he can achieve success in this world and hereafter.


Every child is born smart, unique and has characters and to explore these require and education continuously


Educate and serve heartily

Why we must choose NIBIIS and INISS
  • Our school has a strong atmosphere to build our students’ moslem character
  • Our school always try to develop student’s best potential
  • Our school has Al Qu’ran excellent program to help all students to be Hafidz and Hafidzhah in 15 years of their education
  • Our school is a safe and conducive place for our students to grow and to learn.
  • Our curriculum system is based on montessori approach, inquiry based learning,and project or problem based learning and curriculum from DIKNAS , KURTILAS Curriculum
  • Our school will be educated to be a Rahmatan Lil alamiin individual who will spread the goodness of Islam for their surrounding
Advantages Of NIBIIS-INISS Facility
  • Laboratory
    In NIBIIS/INISS there are bio lab that supports science learning & ICT lab to support children in the IT field
  • Playground and Field
    Playground with a modern setting makes children more comfortable and safe in playing & large fields with adequate sports facilities
  • Ac-conditioned rooms
    all full-air conditioned classrooms make children more comfortable in learning
Lowongan Guru Nurul Ilmi
Lowongan Guru Nurul Ilmi

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